Our Process

Your engagement starts with a conversation to establish your needs. After the call, you will receive a summary of the conversation including the services to be performed, estimated time frames, resources required (where applicable), and costs. Note that some engagements are project-oriented with a definite start and endpoint, others process-oriented, (ongoing).


Financial Planning and Analysis

We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients; we make sure to work around your budget. You may not always want to hear what we have to say, that will not keep us from (politely) speaking our minds and telling you where we see changes are needed. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their financial futures, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

Partner With Our Clients

The Fractional CFO‘s approach is to act as your partner vested in your business’s success.

All Aspects of Business

We focus on finance but we understand that many of our clients also need help in other aspects of their business.  

Deliver Success

Fractional CFO’s are well-rounded professionals who are there to help you succeed. 

Member of Your Team

Think of your CFO as being Co-Sourced, not outsourced, an important member of your team.

Budget Conscious

We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

Our Process

The Fractional CFO starts each new customer relationship with a new client meeting. Along with getting to know each other, the objective of the meeting is to get an understanding of the following:

  • How financially healthy is the business
    • Is the business making money
    • Are cash flow projections sufficient to meet future needs
  • What are the main pain points of the business and the management team
  • Does the business have a budget, is the budget used in managing the business
  • Does the business have a strategic plan
  • Is the business operating effectively within the context of the current competitive environment
  • How effective is the employee team
  • Is technology embraced to drive efficiencies

After the initial meeting and, usually, working with the CEO, The Fractional CFO will pull together a project and or process plan to offload CFO functions to The Fractional CFO as well as correct any issues found in the above interviews.  Our goal is to align both cost control and profitable growth, allowing our customers to focus on their customers’ positive experiences, which is the only reason your business thrives.


Try Our Proven Process

Control and Organize

​Handle emergencies
​Financial process review
Develop cash management process
​Assessment of employees
​Business plan and marketing analysis
​Build a 90 – day plan


Assessment of the books

​Implement best practices including:

  • ​Monthly financial reviews
  • ​Staff meetings
  • ​Budgeting
  • ​Strategic planning
  • Cash control processes
  • KPI’s
  • ​Using the numbers to run the business

Implement and Direct

​Team and financial training
​Maximize business valuation
Succession planning



Ongoing Support and Services

  • Personal Meetings with your CFO, monthly

  • Budgeting and goal setting

  • Monthly financial and operational reviews 

  • Strategic planning

  • Review of accounting processes and policies

  • Cash control processes

    • Review of your company’s books
    • Development of World Class Financial Processes
    • Financial training
    • Other areas that require improvement in order for you to achieve your goals, both financial and non-financial, including Marketing Team training

"​Bill Eveleth and his business, The Fractional CFO, have helped me develop and grow my own business.  Starting from a modest base, this year we are on track to achieve a 500% increase, well into the mid 7 figures, in revenues.  I'll also have more money in the bank than in my past 20 years of business."

Dr. CJ Benkert

PresidentOwner, So Cal Weight Loss

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