About Us

The mission of The Fractional CFO is to provide smart, well-placed, well-understood, and executable solutions to solve the financial challenges our customers are either facing or will be facing in the future.

01. Strategic

We look towards technology for efficient solutions. We believe long-term business health requires strong fundamentals be set in place.  

02. Professional

We build relationships with our clients based on honesty and trustworthiness. We complete our work efficiently with the highest level of integrity and quality possible.

03. Loyal

We never lose sight of our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients, their business’s reputation and long-term health come before short-term gains.​​​

Mission Statement

The mission of The Fractional CFO is to provide smart, well placed, understood and executed solutions to solve the challenges our customers are either facing or will be facing in the future. Three words describe our business philosophy:

  1.   Value – We get the job done quickly, efficiently and right the first time
  2.   Planning – Planning requires our customers to work with us to ensure we have our priorities right as well as a good understanding of the        problem statement. We follow project management processes in implementing our solutions
  3.   Results – In most cases, our services save our customers money. Think of The Fractional CFO as the best investment you have ever made        for your business.

Typical Engagement

Full-service CFO for companies who do not need a full-time CFO. Specific and typical duties include (but are limited to):
Managing, Reporting, Planning, and Controlling Cash Flow
Financial Planning and Analysis
Cost Accounting/Product Profitability
Strategic Planning
Managing Day to Day Accounting Functions such as A/R, A/P, Collections and Banking Relationships
Cost Cutting/Revenue Maximization
Managing Growth
Advisor and Confidant with the CEO/President/Owner


A Team Of Professionals

Bill Eveleth

Bill Eveleth


Bill has owned and operated a business consulting company, The Fractional CFO, since 2004. The company provides part-time CFO and accounting.

Prior to the Fractional CFO, Bill was a corporate SVP of Finance with a $22 billion company, he led a team of over 500 professional employees. He and his family lived in Belgium for two years where Bill was on assignment with AT&T.

He is the author of four books: one on goal setting and attainment, two on operations management and the last a book of stories and life lessons.

Bill has taught college since 2008.  His classes have included: Introduction to Business, Ethics, Project Management, Operations Management and others.  He has taught for The University of Arkansas since 2011, at the graduate level, in their Master of Science in Operations Management program.

Bill’s education includes a BBA and an MBA both from the University of North Texas.

Heather Lloyd

Heather Lloyd


Heather Lloyd has 25+ years of accounting experience in roles spanning from Travel Accountant to General Manager to Controller.  Her knowledge of accounting and operations has been applied in a vast range of company settings including Construction, Real Estate, Entertainment, Corporate Rentals, Interior Decorating, Franchises, and Marketing Agencies.  Heather prides herself on quick integration into any accounting set up, and an easy to work with personality.  She specializes in bookkeeping, audits, balance sheet reorganization, collections procedures, and sales tax management.

Her personal motto: “Knowledge is the process of piling up facts. Wisdom lies in their simplification.”

As a recent transplant from the Midwest to the Florida coast, Heather enjoys swimming, reading, and spending time with her husband at the beach.

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